Pope link to California Chrome and Sunday Silence

3 thoughts on “Pope link to California Chrome and Sunday Silence”

  1. This is a thought-provoking post, especially because it got me to thinking about Rex Ellsworth, L.B. Mayer, and the generation of glory in racing and breeding that California had between the 1940s and the 1960s. Pope’s J.O. Tobin wasn’t the last gasp for breeding in California, but the vision and scope of breeders in the Golden State certainly has reduced.

  2. No doubt, Frank. California was a fertile source of high-quality racehorses. Bunker Hunt, in fact, wanted some tough, heavily raced and hard-knocking California mares for Vaguely Noble, and one of those was Charming Alibi, dam of Dahlia. Imagine that in ’73 the top two fillies in England, Dahlia and Mysterious, we’re both from Cal-bred dams?!

  3. One error in your post my friend. El Peco Ranch was 16000 acres. Grew up watching those great horses of Mr. Pope. Hill Rise’s win in the San Antonio is a lasting memory from my teenage years. At the finish line Terry’s Secret was completely turned sideways. With his mouth wide open trying to savage Hill Rise. Terry’s Secret was one mean horse. They used to keep him behind a screen and feed him with a can on a pole. He sent more than his share of grooms to the hospital. But man could he run.

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