‘Honey, I Shrunk the Racing Distances!’ #HorseMovies

It all started with a Daily Racing Form piece by Mark Simon the other day.  It ended with some humor, but there’s really nothing to laugh about. Follow the story as it unfolded on Twitter Friday. Here goes:


To read Simon’s article, click the link in the tweet below:

To which I got the following response:


Note the trend of declining race distances.





@o_crunk’s answer confirms this:


But….distances are shrinking more:



Let’s have a round of applause for crunk, please:


And, do you blame me?!


‘Honey, I Shrunk the Racing Distances!’ #HorseMovies

One thought on “‘Honey, I Shrunk the Racing Distances!’ #HorseMovies

  1. An interesting exchange, and you’re darned right nothing to laugh about. Definitely slots at the bullrings like Charles Town have an effect, but even the big circuits are slashing distances of historic races.

    Does offer hope, perhaps, for someone seeking to buy or breed a U.S. Classic winner. Eventually there will only be a handful of horses alive who wouldn’t be dead on their feet at the quarter-pole of the Derby. Buy the least fashionable pedigree in the catalog and you’ll be a leg up.

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