Fascinated by ruins anywhere—Sid Fernando

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“Ghost towns stud North Dakota, and this empty house is just one bone in a giant skeleton of abandoned human desire.”

A quote from a perfectly written article for National Geographic about North Dakota titled,
The Emptied Prairie” By Charles Bowden

I remember, as a little child, walking hand in hand with my father across fields of long prairie grass.  I was amazed by the dance created by the wind as it touched each blade of grass.  To this day, I can close my eyes and visualize the sight seen as we walked closer to an abandoned farmstead and the excitement noticed in my father’s eyes and heard in his voice. I learned from him that these abandoned properties are not a place of destruction, but a story of endless outcomes.

The trip to North Dakota was an incredible journey, one that I am happy to say, was…

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A State of Existing, North Dakota


One thought on “A State of Existing, North Dakota

  1. fmitchell07 says:

    From the hills of Rome to the 1000-year old churches of England and the small towns of the U.S., ruins are a fascination of the past stated today.

    New Year’s resolution: Read more Faulkner. Who loved ruins, both human and architectural.

    BTW, is that Quiet and Danger looking snappy?

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