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Bossert got mad as hell today and didn’t take it anymore

Watch Peter Finch in “Network” below before you read the rest of this post, will ya?

Jerry Bossert of New York Daily News, stuck in a leaking and pigeon-shatted press box at rain-soaked Aqueduct today, reprised the specter of Finch on Twitter this afternoon in a spontaneous rant against the Man—in this case, the “new” NYRA.  His comments resonated on many levels. At a minimum, it’s somewhat shocking whenever racing journalists for major publications unload buckshot these days, mainly because jobs like Bossert’s are rare to begin with and kissing ass is de rigueur for keeping them. But the manner in which Bossert delivered his complaints, in between the daily grind of keeping up his public blog, was fascinating “live” Social Media, replete with photos.

Below are a series of tweets from Bossert:

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2 thoughts on “Bossert got mad as hell today and didn’t take it anymore

  1. Patti Davis says:

    Mr. Bossert should count his blessings that he has the gig he has. Now he’s turning into Drape, only on a smaller scale.

    • Ken Byrnes says:

      Not true, Bossert is correct. They have a fortune of money from the slot revenue, why can they not re-invest some of it to make the horseplayer feel welcome at their facilities ? Instead they are run-down, decrepit dumps that no horseplayer feels inclined to make the added effort and expense to travel to in an age where they can wager in a comfortable simulcast site or simply from their own home on a computer. I used to spend many an afternoon at the racetrack – no more. Save Saratoga it is simply too depressing.

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