A bad day at the track

7 thoughts on “A bad day at the track”

    1. Like what current events? Get your head out of the doghouse and take a look around, beagle. Trainers and veterinarians are under investigation and being suspended for drugging race horses. People are getting ruled off for fixing races. Horse slaughter is a hot-button topic. It’s an uncomfortable reality. All this and more is in the news. Google it.

      This “disgusting journal junk” is identified up top as a “short story”. You know, fiction? Creative writing? I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of a talking horse head, not even when still attached to a horse’s body.

      It’s ok if you don’t like / don’t get the short story. You’re free to write one, or a poem or a haiku or a sonnet or a limerick if that is your thing, and publish it on your blog. I look forward to reading it.

    2. First off, fiction inspired by Mr Ed (talking horse), Twilight Zone (spookily absurd), The Godfather (a severed horse head), owner and breeder and writer Sam Shepard (his short story “Haskell, Arkansas (Highway 70)” features a severed human talking head), the New York Times series “Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys” (death of racehorses), and a recent Cot Campbell blog post (“Jimmy Jones,” on gangsters).

      Now, to current events: demorphin positive in Nebraska (a few days ago) plus others; recent horse slaughter headlines in Romania linked to organized crime leading to meat entering food chain as “beef”; race fixing in UK and Australia; race-day meds as lighting rod in this country and abroad with apologists here campaigning for reform; a second-class citizenry of Mexican labor most closely associated with horses at racetracks here; and poetic license.

      Mix it all up.

  1. As someone that used to dream of writing short horror stories for a living….kudos. Perhaps you should do a few a more, then release an anthology. If The Jungle changed things, why not another book?

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