Hong Kong treatment of EIPH

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong treatment of EIPH”

  1. Sid –

    I’m curious, see if you can find out:

    a) whether or not clenbuterol can only be used after infections or bleeding incidents, etc.

    b) how far out from race day clenbuterol must be withdrawn from use

    c) whether the vets (all of whom work for the HKJC) have full discretion when it comes to the use of “unproven” medications

    I’m assuming that you may know someone who can provide the answers. If not, I can probably source them.



  2. I’m looking into it, Tinky. For all the “transparency” of HKJC, they do not list any of this on their website. The only times I’ve ever seen specific therapeutic meds and regimens discussed is above, which is one reason why HK is has been publicized so often as the ultimate “model.” As you are aware, journos here rarely understand meds, and they don’t ask questions because they don’t know.

  3. Tinky, James Gagliano did contact me yesterday and said he’d find the answers, plus we are waiting for Bill Nader to respond, too, so between them we should get the ino.

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