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Mine that Bird and Canonero II are commonly recognized as the biggest upsets in modern Derby history, with post time odds only surpassed by the 91-1 Doneraile, winner of the 1913 edition of this American classic. Bird went off at 51-1 and Canonero II wasn’t even deemed fit to be an entry, and since betting machines back then could only 12 entries – he was grouped in with 6 horses that year in the mutuel field. Both also made strong late runs; Canonero coming from 18th, Bird memorably from dead last – to win with relative ease at the wire. However, the similarities don’t end there – as both of these historic longshot winners benefitted from conditioning work done at high altitudes. Bird in New Mexico, Canonero in Venezuela.


South Africa seems to be the only country where living/training at higher altitudes but shipping to lower elevations to…

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  1. Elite marathoners often live and train at high altitude in training camps. It’s also typical for some of the best ultra-runners to (individually) live and train at high altitude…although that’s partly because mountains have the best trails :-)

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