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Training monotony is a problem in Hong Kong, writer says

Interesting look at Hong Kong racing from another side—theirs.

Hong Kong racing seems to put the magnifying glass on everything – particularly jockeys, trainers and race tactics – but nowhere does horse temperament matter more in terms of racetrack success.

You see them every week in the imposing parade rings at Sha Tin and Happy Valley – horses trained up to the minute, but looking more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

The monotony of training here and the lack of space leave many horses a shell of what they could be.

When a trainer here says his horse will get a break or spell, he doesn’t mean it is headed to the equivalent of a luxuriously appointed horse day spa, galloping and gallivanting through lush meadows. There are no lush meadows.

Trainers don’t really mean a “spell” as it is understood in other jurisdictions, places that have paddocks – and, even if there were the facilities to do it, it might not happen anyway. The trainers probably want to give their horses a well-deserved break, but pressure from uneducated owners and constant threat of stable transfers mean he keeps the horse in work. Maybe a week of swimming, at best, to freshen up, or a few weeks off work standing in their box.

Read the entire story here.


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