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Nostalgic look back at the ‘trickery and thievery’ of Northampton

From the comments section, unedited and as written:

“Thank you all for those great memories. I worked as a Mutuels Clerk on weekends in the Infield every year from 1977 till the closing in 2005. 29 great years of unbelievable racing stories. Bill Finley’s stories are all accurate. In fact, he sat right behind me many days as we watched amazing feats of trickery and thievery foiled on the racing public. Fortunately, for the masses, most of that ended when the track switched over to the cash-sell machines. My thumbs still hurt from trying to press the buttons on the old Daily Double and Exacta machines! Many a soul cricked their necks while standing around the corner from the $50 machines to get a glimpse of what the wise guys were betting.

If you were a regular at the Fairs, how could you ever forget Dan Dan The Candy Man or Anna’s Fried Dough. So many more great memories!” — Yukon Ed

Commenting on this post on Northampton.


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