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From NAT: Scratching beneath the surface of injury debate

If the late Arnold Kirkpatrick was still penning this column, he’d say – with his trademark wit, a straight face, and a twinkle in his eyes – to industry leaders about the expose, ‘And if you didn’t know this was coming, fellas, with all the McKinsey Reports and RCI meetings and Round Tables we so solemnly hold every so often about improving this sport, about making it safer and cleaner, but forget about as quickly on the way home after a day or two of desk pounding and chest thumping, then we’re in greater trouble than I thought.’

To read the entire column from the forthcoming Derby issue of North American Trainer magazine, please click here.


3 thoughts on “From NAT: Scratching beneath the surface of injury debate

  1. Greg says:

    Which begs the question, why the track surface issues in California?

    Though there are other questions, as well. Good stuff, Sid.

  2. Jim Culpepper says:

    The paradoxic way in which different type of quarter horses are bred show it to be paradoxic even to compare quarter horses to quarter horses. Many of the “Foundation” types are among the best using horses in the world, the Three Bars and Beduinos speak for themselves as sprinters and the bulldog type show horses have heads similar to the Yorkshire hogs I use to breed and hardly run as well.
    Is that part of the anatomy called sand now days?

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