Zayat, Baffert, and the Unbridled sire line of Bodemeister

2 thoughts on “Zayat, Baffert, and the Unbridled sire line of Bodemeister”

  1. Sid, credit should go to EQB for some of Zayat’s most astute purchases, including Eskenderaya. It’s no coincidence that Bob Baffert talks about “tremendous lung capacity,” which is one of the cardiovascular components that EQB is able to quantify. I think you’d find that a great percentage of Zayat’s success is directly attributable to his reliance on EQB’s input for yearling selection and just as importantly, for culling. It’s a lot more than just racing luck.

    Watch the Zayat horses, and those of other EQB clients, for important clues as to which sires (or which mares) are reliable sources of superior cardiovascular capacity. I know I will be. It offers a fascinating study of pedigree in motion.

    1. Thanks, Maureen. EQB, of course, lists many Zayat horses such as Esky, Zensational, etc., on it’s website, but not Pioneerof the Nile or Bodemeister. If this is, in fact the case, it shows that Zayat is able to stay successful on its merits, regardless of which advisors it uses, said without minimizing what EQB has done, of course.

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