Tiznow expresses stamina, free-running speed of Man o’ War

5 thoughts on “Tiznow expresses stamina, free-running speed of Man o’ War”

  1. Sid,

    This is a fascinating discussion of the racing type and line descending from Man o’ War. And as you know, I’m greatly interested in physical type in the Thoroughbred, and Man o’ War was an expression of a very distinct phenotype.

    You may recall photos of his sire and some of his sons — big, rangy beasts who tended to do very well racing in front — and Varola even called this the “plastic type” that included Hurry On and Pretty Polly, although not closely related to Fair Play – Man o’ War purely on pedigree.

    Even though War Admiral was quite different, many of Man o’ War’s offspring and later descendants were of this good-looking but lankier type, including American Flag, War Relic, Intent, Stymie, and currently Tiznow.

    And it is highly intriguing from the perspective of phenotype and genotype to consider that Tiznow has also expressed the more classic elements of the line, as you pointed out, and is one of the most dependable classic sires of the present day.


  2. I have a photo of Man o’ War as a foal on my desktop because he reminds me so much of our Tiznow colt as a foal. He is a three-year-old in training now at Keeneland and we video all of his works. What is so impressive is his enormous, effortless stride. Not saying he is the next Man o’ War, but the history books record Man o’ War had a 28-foot stride, thought to be the longest ever. I think this physique is why the Tiznows have that high cruising speed that allows them to outpace the field and have enough left to finish best.

  3. I’d love for you to do a companion article to this one, but with Secretariat as the focus. An article on the most potent strain of Secretariat would be educational and a damn good read as well.

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