Japan’s Smart Falcon has some form to make a case in Dubai

3 thoughts on “Japan’s Smart Falcon has some form to make a case in Dubai”

  1. Interesting take, Sid. The class test is significant, but I think the likely pace is a different factor. Over the Tapeta, only one horse has ever won from well off the pace on DWC night – that was Musir in the 2010 UAE Derby. Lizard’s Desire almost did it. But this year’s DWC is likely to have a hotter pace, or at least, horses more willing to run forward, which would make us suggest the closers have a slightly better chance, even if still somewhat handicapped by a still too-soon-to-tell speed favoring surface. That is, in the end, what could both help, or hurt Smart Falcon.

    In the comparison to Transcend, however, I view his overall performance as one that was mostly a function of getting a ludicrously soft lead and staying on. The race looked like a merry-go-round save for the move of Demuro going down the backside, being the only one to sense the dawdle.

    Smart Falcon might suck a bunch of cash in the big race.

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