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Racing and the social network at European Trainer magazine

I wrote about social media and racing at European Trainer magazine (June issue). See quote below:

Social media and racing, however, are engaging each other, and it’s a plus for the game because this means more interaction and shared information between fans and professionals, and free publicity for racing from sources that weren’t household words in the business just years ago. Twitter, in particular, has shrunk the global game, and race results from around the world are now “tweeted” within seconds of finishes, many times with photos, video, and pedigree links posted by amateurs and professionals. In the spring issue of European Trainer, I noted Twitter as “one of 11 to watch” in 2011. But I’ve been stunned myself by the medium’s growth since I wrote the piece at the beginning of the year. Every day, it seems, new people with an interest in the game join Twitter, and many European trainers especially have embraced the medium at rates far greater than trainers anywhere else.

Click here to read the article for free. (Registration required)


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