Uncle Mo’s legs: A discussion with Ray Paulick on Twitter

6 thoughts on “Uncle Mo’s legs: A discussion with Ray Paulick on Twitter”

  1. I remember a couple of years ago when Desormeaux pulled off a huge upset in some grade one that I forget, he said something to the effect of “if you knew what we knew then you wouldn’t be so surprised right now.”

    There is so much gamesmanship amongst trainers and jockeys it’s ridiculous. I’m not saying that I don’t see why trainers do this, personally I wouldn’t even work my horses out publicly. I’m just saying that this is why handicapping racing is so difficult.

  2. How obtuse can you people be? The horse had joint surgery over the winter. The connections were asked directly whether or not he had undergone surgery, and they refused to answer directly.

    Setting aside the fact that the surgery was known to people outside of the connections (hence the leaks), what possible reason could Repole and Pletcher have had for not publicly refuting the “rumor”, if it were, in fact, false?

    Two plus two is usually equals four, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  3. Tinky:

    I’ve heard rumors about surgery, but I don’t know facts. Don’t know the type of surgery, who did it, nuthin’. Therefore, I can only comment on what I know and see, and that’s what I did with Ray—gave him my opinion on what I saw.

    Now, if I didn’t sign my own name to my work, perhaps I, like you, could get all bent outta shape and traffic in gossip. No?

    Sid Fernando

  4. Sid –

    It’s perfectly reasonably for you to refrain from asserting perfect knowledge, but what is it about the connections’ non-denial that prevents you from drawing the only reasonable inference?

  5. Tinky:

    What is the reasonable inference? What type of surgery? What leg? What joint? Does the “non-denial” tell me the facts?

    I’ll leave “reasonable inferences,” if that’s what you’d like to call it, to you, OK? I’ll wait for the facts.

    Sid Fernanado

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