More than $35,000 raised for John Fernando scholly fund

The 78th Precinct Youth Council, a Brooklyn-based charity, has received more than $25,000 $30,000 $35,000 in donations in memory of my son John Fernando, 17, who died on March 19, 2011. On behalf of my wife, Cynthia, and son Joe, 14, we thank you for the generous support and outpouring of affection.

I’m a board member of the 78th, where Johnny played his entire organized baseball career through age 14 for the 78th Pct. Brooklyn Bulldogs before joining such powerful nationally known organizations as Team Connecticut and Baseball U. Even after he left to play elsewhere, he always returned to mentor and instruct younger players at the 78th and the organization wrote a small tribute to him here (scroll down to read).

I’ll be at a 78th board meeting Thursday night to finalize details for distributing these funds over the next four years. Most of it will go to The Beacon School, where Johnny was a senior and a starter on the Blue Devils baseball team. The funds will be distributed as follows to benefit all four classes at Beacon, from freshmen to seniors, who knew John and could benefit the most from the donations:

A scholarship of $3,000 $5,000 will be awarded yearly, beginning in 2011 and ending in 2014 (current freshmen), to an accomplished college-bound senior in need, designated by John’s favorite teacher, Mr. L. Moscow, a history instructor. This scholarship will be worth $12,000 $20,000 over four years.

A grant of $1,000 $1,500 will be given to the Beacon baseball team, coached by Mr. T. Covotsos, for the next four years, a total of $4,000 $6,000.

A grant of $1,000 will be given to Beacon for the annual senior school trip abroad, for a total of $4,000. John was scheduled to be in Berlin this week on the same trip.

A grant of $1,000 each year will be given to the 78th Pct. to be used for financial aid for baseball players in need. This will total $4,000.

All told, $24,000 $34,000 will be distributed formally, and whatever breakage is left over will go to the 78th Pct. for administrative expenses.

We’re touched that we can use these funds in John’s memory to help others, and we appreciate the kindness of everyone, including the Anonymous artist who created the following in Manhattan for John. God Bless you all.

Rest in Peace, Johnny. By an Anonymous artist.
More than $35,000 raised for John Fernando scholly fund

3 thoughts on “More than $35,000 raised for John Fernando scholly fund

  1. Kris Werk says:


    Such a touching tribute to both John and your entire family. You all are bestowing a true gift to the youth of your area, and it’s a testament to what a wonderful and loving family you have. None of us will forget John (although I never had the pleasure of meeting him) or the kindness and strength you, Cynthia, Joe, and extended family and friends have shown through such a tragic time. You guys are what heroes are made of…

    “It is then the task given, destined to you that ultimately changes you. Great tasks beget great heroes. It is this very essence that allows a person to strive to become more than what he already is, to go beyond his boundaries”.

    – Summerland by Michael Chabon

  2. fmitchell07 says:

    Generosity and goodness of heart goes out from you and your family to those touched by the spirit of John. This is thoroughly positive and beneficial, and it is a testament to the contributions that you and Cynthia have made to the community around you and that you will continue to make. Peace.

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