More than $35,000 raised for John Fernando scholly fund

3 thoughts on “More than $35,000 raised for John Fernando scholly fund”

  1. Sid,

    Such a touching tribute to both John and your entire family. You all are bestowing a true gift to the youth of your area, and it’s a testament to what a wonderful and loving family you have. None of us will forget John (although I never had the pleasure of meeting him) or the kindness and strength you, Cynthia, Joe, and extended family and friends have shown through such a tragic time. You guys are what heroes are made of…

    “It is then the task given, destined to you that ultimately changes you. Great tasks beget great heroes. It is this very essence that allows a person to strive to become more than what he already is, to go beyond his boundaries”.

    – Summerland by Michael Chabon

  2. Generosity and goodness of heart goes out from you and your family to those touched by the spirit of John. This is thoroughly positive and beneficial, and it is a testament to the contributions that you and Cynthia have made to the community around you and that you will continue to make. Peace.

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