I’ll be missing you

41 thoughts on “I’ll be missing you”

  1. From my family to yours, may you always feel him walk with you – it is love and faith that gets us through times like these

  2. Sounds like you two made the most of the time you had. Most heartfelt condolences to you and your family. You and John are in the thoughts of many.

  3. I have no words that can soothe your pain. Words are meaningless some times. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Sid.

  4. Sid Sympathy from the Durant household to your house.
    At this time what can we say? Try to remember the good times you had with your son.
    You and your family will be in our prayers.
    Be strong and keep up your trust in the Creator God.


  5. There were some wonderful things happening that summer of 1993, and I remember the day that John was born and how Cook had to pry you out of NY to come with him and Duke to Lexington not once but three or four times that summer and early fall.

    What days of promise and excitement they were!

    We will remember, my friend, the difference in every new day as both of us were freshly minted fathers. And those treasures you gathered up over these 17 years, the crack of the ball well hit, the laughter and high spirits, will not go away. They will stay with you forever.

  6. Dear Sid and Family,
    You do not know me but my heart and tears go out to you in the loss of the earthly contact of your beautiful child.

  7. Hi Sid,

    My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.A tragic loss. John struck me as an exceptional young man.

    kind regards

    John Bourke.

  8. Deepest condolences to Sid and all of Johnny’s family and friends who will miss him. But especially for his younger brother Joe. I have never met Sid or his family but I am touched and saddened by what happened.

  9. Sid…I worked with your Mom in Lutherville & remember when you & your wife would bring Johnny to visit her at school. He was just a little guy then, such a precious child. When I heard of his passing my mind immediately recalled that adorable little boy in Chandra’s arms so many years ago. Please know that your family is in my thoughts.

  10. To Coach Sid and family

    Our son Collin played baseball (summer league and spring league) with you as his coach and John as his teammate. I was struck back then at what a nice family you were, and how respectful and dedicated John was, both as a member of the team and toward you as both his coach and dad, and to his mom and younger brother. You have much to be proud of. We are so deeply sorry for your heartbreak, and imagine a piece of your heart is with John, but we pray that empty space becomes filled with the comfort and peace of knowing what a good job you did raising John.

    The Tang family

  11. The cruelest hurt of all — to outlive a child. I’m sorry to hear that you have had to suffer it. As Frank and others point out, you have a host of rich memories to assuage it and love to help you bear it.

  12. Dear Mr. Fernando,

    Our thoughts are with you, may the dreams, laughter, tears, friends and love you shared with your son carry you forward.

    Brent & Crystal Fernung

  13. John: Almost ten months ago I wish I could have traded placed with you so that your young life would not have come to an end. My feelings for you are so very strong and everlasting. Sid, there is not a practice or game that happens without a fond remembrance of what John meant to all of us. John, you are penciled in my lineup card in the lead-off spot forever. Rest well my young man.

    Thomas Covotsos

  14. On this date we celebrate the life of a very exceptional young man. The day began as a “Day of Mourning” to mark the one year anniversary of John Fernando’s death. The day ended as the entire Beacon Baseball Team and it’s Coaches remembered his special qualities with numerous words and thoughts from all. We finished this day with a restaurant celebration of his life, his accomplishments and what he meant to all of us. John is truly embedded in our hearts forever. His uniform number 28 has been framed and ready to hang outside of his coaches room in school. John, I love you as if you were my son. My prayers for you will help assure that you are never left alone or forgotten. Rest in peace my precious young man.

  15. Hey John: Every day ends with a small celebration of your life and the wonderful man you are. I remember your strengths and your passion for life each and every night before I go to sleep. During each baseball practice I envision you standing at second base, waiting for a coach or a player to hit you a ground ball. You are no longer physically here for all of us to enjoy and admire. You are however in our hearts, our thoughts and especially in our prayers. We all feel your magnificent presence each and every day. Rest well my very precious young man, I love you dearly.

  16. My precious life long friend Johnny. Today marks the second anniversary of your leaving us. It was also the second time we celebrated your life and what you meant to all of us. We started our “Second Day of Mourning” by dressing up with dress shirts, pants and ties. We wanted people to ask us why we were dressed so differently from the average Beacon student. When they did comment on our dress, we spoke about using this attire as one way to celebrate your legacy here at Beacon. Many people gave us the opportunity to tell them how much you meant to all of us. At our closed door meeting, the senior captains all spoke so very beautifully about you and the many positive contributions you made to the success of our team and family. Other boys spoke about you and then cried because they miss you so very much. I spoke about the honor bestowed on me to have shared part of your life with you. We finished the day with an eloquent dinner celebration of your life and how much of an impact you made on all of us. Those boys who never had the pleasure to meet you, know so much about you because of the tribute we made in your honor. I repeat a comment that I have expressed many times publicly and privately. That is I love you with all of my heart and I pray for your well being and your tranquility each and every night. Rest well my son and may Our Lord keep you in His arms forever.

    1. Dear John: It is now three years since I had the pleasure to be your teacher, coach and especially your friend. I miss you so very much and I would give anything to be near you again and to embrace all of the goodness and love your stand for. In these three years I have grown into a different person. I now look at my players and students with a feel of admiration and dignity regardless of their personalities and behavior patterns. I do so because you taught me how to find good and love for every one who comes my way. You were the person who never had a bad thing to say about any of your friends. You treated each and every person with the up most respect and now I am like you as I give each person in my life the benefit of the doubt. On Wednesday we celebrate your life and your legacy with our “Day Of Mourning and Celebration. We spend the day reminiscing about your life and how tragically it ended. At night we gather together as a team and toast you as one of the most magnificent men we as a team have encountered. I know that God was a little greedy when He took you because he wanted you all for Himself. I am so very glad I did have a short time to cherish and to love you as if you were my son. I can never match the love your Mom and Dad have for you, but I can tell you that I truly love you and I miss you. Rest in peace my precious son.

  17. I am Johnny’s grandmother and I was so touched by Coach Covotsos’ piece. I miss my Johnny each and everyday and try to focus on all the happy times he gave us.
    My friends in the Montessori community had a day of service in Johnny’s memory. I feel that service to others help us honor Johnny. I also want to celebrate his birthday by celebrating children everywhere. So, I am planning a day of giving in June.
    Chandra Fernando

  18. Dear Sid, Cynthia, Joe, and Grandmother and Grandfather. We at Beacon finished our fourth year of memorializing and honoring the life of our precious John Fernando. We had our day of mourning on March 18th. The boys all spoke about the wonderful person John was to all of us. On Friday March 20th, we celebrated his honor with food and other delights. We celebrated the fact that John was so special and how he would have wanted us to be festive and joyful. As his Teacher, Coach and lifelong friend I can honestly say that John meant so very much to me. I always spend a good deal of time remembering him and the wonderful young man he was. I very often ask God to take very good care of him and to make sure he is protected and loved. All of the people in his life miss him tremendously, but his honor will always linger on. We all get good feeling when when can talk about him and remember the kind and considerate person he was. I love and miss you dearly John.
    Thomas Covotsos

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