Thoroughbred Times’s high-quality publications; baseball

The Thoroughbred Times (and before that, The Thoroughbred Record) has been a favorite of mine for years (and one for which I’ve occasionally written as far back as maybe 20 years). Mark Simon still edits it, Z’s excellent photos continue to grace  it, and John Sparkman, one of the best pedigree writers around (and now a blogger, also), continues to contribute in semi-retirement with outstanding perspectives that come with experience. But a younger cast of very talented editors and writers also has made its presence felt and improved the publication. The magazine, for example, has entered the digital age with a strong presence in social media, with an impressive internet site edited by Ed DeRosa, and a daily zine, Thoroughbred Times Today, edited by Mike Curry. Plus, a digitalized delivery of the print weekly, which is also still sent by snail mail to subscribers, is available immediately off the press to subscribers—who also get the daily Today free with a paid subscription.

If you didn’t know it, last November they’d asked me to contribute a column twice a month to the daily Today, and I have been. I’ve included today’s issue here (my column is on page 9), which also contains strong sales coverage from DeRosa from OBS. Subscription information is available by contacting the publication (see page 3).


My column in Today today is about baseball and racing, and baseball and my sons—both travel players throughout their lives. If  interested, see the other posts linked below about racing and ball:

Mine That Bird was a baseball player that I once knew

Horse auctions and baseball showcases fraught with drama

Size as an issue in racing and baseball

Johnny Fernando, pictured here as a junior at The Beacon School, 2010.

Joe Fernando (center, tape, black sleeve), with the Brooklyn Bulldogs 14U team, 2010.
Thoroughbred Times’s high-quality publications; baseball

One thought on “Thoroughbred Times’s high-quality publications; baseball

  1. PTP says:

    Frank Angst is one of the best writers out there, esp for horseplayer issues. He’s a joy to read.

    As always, great pics Sid!


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