Multiple (3x) Northern Dancer inbreeding in top Derby colts

Northern Dancer: Kentucky Derby winner and outstanding influence in pedigrees.

The top nine active 3-year-old colts from the 2010 Experimental Free Handicap ranked within 10 lbs. of highweight Uncle Mo at 128 lbs. are To Honor and Serve at 123, Boys at Tosconova at 122, Comma to the Top at 121, Pluck at 121, J P’s Gusto at 120, Jaycito at 120, J.B.’s Thunder at 119, and Soldat at 119. See the list here, and note that Kantharos at 120 is now retired to stud. Each of these nine is inbred to a sire within five generations, and three of these colts with the best chances at the Derby—Uncle Mo, To Honor and Serve, and Jaycito—are actually inbred thrice within five generations to Kentucky Derby winner Northern Dancer.

The intense accumulation of Northern Dancer blood in pedigrees was bound to happen because he was a dominant sire of sires, but in each of these cases the inbreeding occurs within the internal pedigree as none are by the Northern Dancer sire line: Uncle Mo is by Indian Charlie, from the Caro line (Nasrullah) through an obscure branch; To Honor and Serve is by Bernardini, a son of A.P. Indy and from the Bold Ruler (by Nasrullah) line; and Jaycito is from the Mr. Prospector line through Fappiano, by way of the obscure (until Candy Ride came along) Cryptoclearance branch.

Click on the names above to see the five-generation pedigree of each, with the Werk Nick Rating and Dosage information and inbreeding highlighted.


Multiple (3x) Northern Dancer inbreeding in top Derby colts

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