Breeders’ Cup Classic: A tribute to two US breds that stay

4 thoughts on “Breeders’ Cup Classic: A tribute to two US breds that stay”

  1. Zenyatta is a great horse yes but Blame?
    The track was deep and not favouring speed, the four pace setters ended up in 4 of the last 5 positions.
    Paddy o Prado finished 5th – that says it wasn’t a proper dirt track.

    Blame was beaten by Haynesfield on a fast track, Blame is a slow horse, he might stay but he is slow.
    The time of the race was slow, Blame was near the front end 7L off of the pace and Zenyatta was 50L off it.

    Although she finished 2nd everyone knows the best horse didn’t win, sometimes that is horse racing.

    Even the grass track was poor, the clerk of the course should be shot he butted heads with Sir Michael Stoute and we didn’t get to see Workforce run, over in Europe they guy would have been sacked for preparing such bad tracks both dirt and turf.

  2. We also won the Marathon with Eldaafer! You’re right Sid, the Europeans have better stamina horses, but we’re catching up.

    I feel like the only race we may never consistently win is the turf.

  3. I question whether a win at 10-furlongs necessarily denotes stamina. Many a top mile-and-a-quarter race has been won on sheer class.

    Stamina is what usually wins the Belmont and as recently as 1975 won the Jockey Club Gold Cup contested at a truly testing two miles. O tempora! O mores!

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