Women in the trenches of the game face sexual harassment

4 thoughts on “Women in the trenches of the game face sexual harassment”

  1. It’s a problem that doesn’t get enough attention, partly because women who work in racing don’t want to talk on the record about what happens on the backstretch or on the front side. We don’t want to be seen as complainers, or thought of as not being tough enough. We want to be taken as equals, even if that means brushing off everything short of physical assault. On the backstretch, the issue is also complicated by race, class, and language — imagine, if English-speaking, native-born female barn workers don’t want to talk (or don’t know who talk to about these problems), how much worse it must be among the majority of women barn workers, who are marginalized by more than their gender.

  2. There are jerks everywhere. Ignore it. If you continue to put yourself in the path of someone who intends physical harm, get out. Take care of yourself first. Find another job. Talk it up. Public opinion works. Stop whining.

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