Seattle Slew + Secretariat=A.P. Indy, the sire of Bernardini

9 thoughts on “Seattle Slew + Secretariat=A.P. Indy, the sire of Bernardini”

  1. I’m so glad to see all the support that breeders are giving to Bernardini and Henrythenavigator.

    It seems the industry has rekindled its interest in breeding ten- furlong horses again!

  2. I’m from Brasil, the mother of Bernardini was owned by a brazilian stud and selected by a brazilian bloodstock agent.
    This facts give me interest in Bernardini success.

    You said the 2 G1 winners in the first-crop are rare, I would like to know how rare is it.

  3. Sid,

    Thanks for the article. It’s good to see Bernardini getting support from breeders. I think that he has the potential to become an important sire – time will tell.

  4. Let’s hope so,Jameel/

    Gil, I was with Renato Gameiro when he spotted Cara Rafaela as a yearling, and he showed her to me before Lukas.

    Calivin–I agree he has huge potential.

  5. Hi ,I note the comennts about Bernardini and her dam from Brazil Cara Rafaela so i hope this forum cna advise.I have a mare that was champion 3yo in Brazil was a gr1 winner there and produced a gr1 winner there also.Her name is Loving New by Choctaw Ridge.She is in Australia.Perhaps someone here will remember her when she raced?Im troubling over which stallions to send her to here in oz.What do you think about Bernardini given the links to Seattle slew and secretariat?I not that Loving news grand dam saw tsunami slew and produced Hyrat who became a stallion.Type on type they are a good match.Have a great lope de vega foal from her now and shes in foal to stratum.Any ideas on this mating or any more preferred ideas for this mare to get her to produce another gr1 winner!?Kind rgds and muchas gracias for your contemplations.-Dr J

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