Videos: Two international races from Veliefendi in Turkey

3 thoughts on “Videos: Two international races from Veliefendi in Turkey”

  1. Again, thanks for keeping us all posted on what is going on in parts of the world that North America seems to overlook. This is a racing festival I have on my list of racing events I want to attend at some point. The Turks seem to be working very hard to improve racing in their country, much as India has been successfully doing, and I know they both send horses to Dubai from time to time to run against international competition.

    The horses the Brits and French send to Turkey seem to be at the same level as they often ship to the Arlngton Million festival; not the top horses, but frequently the G2 or G3 level performers who may win on a road trip. While it may be annoying to local horsemen to see the purse money leave town, it is still good for the local sport to have another standard to measure themselves against. The connections of Dervis are to be congratulated on their success.

  2. My pleasure, Bryan. Yes, you are right in the types of Euros that head there, and in the case of Cutlass Bay, he may been better than most of the squad sent to Arlington for the Million and Secretariat.

    I think that in Turkey, the locals actually relish this particular international day, because it affords them the opportunity to test the quality of their stock against the rest of Europe. And now with such as Dehere and Lion Heart over there, the program over there will continue to rise. Dervis Aga, for instance, is by the ex-Lane’s End horse Unaccounted For.

  3. Trivia: Istanbul is indeed the “2010 European Capital of Culture”, but so are Pécs (Hungary) and the entire Ruhr district of Germany (Essen was awarded the title, then the organization sort of spread). See, us Europeans are ineffective and obsessed with proportional representation even when it comes to largely meaningless titles.

    Also, keep an eye on Alexander Pietsch. After spending the better part of two decades scraping along in German bottom-feeder races, this tremendously talented jockey finally got his well-deserved chance for some of the better stables (especially as a regular rider for Roland Dzubasz) and has amassed 9 black-type wins over the last 12 months. Winning in Veliefendi should be a major stepping stone towards International accolades – he’s won the Belgian Derby (2008 & 09) and the Dutch Derby (2009), but those races barely qualify as grey-type ;-).

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