Video, slideshow: Es Corino wins Argentine 2000 Guineas

5 thoughts on “Video, slideshow: Es Corino wins Argentine 2000 Guineas”

  1. A well deserved victory for the toughest, soundest three year old in the country.
    Only once out of the money in twelve starts (in his debut, running 800 metres early as a two year old), Es Corino has probably been the most consistent colt of his generation. His worst appearances were his first three, all in December of 2009 and at 800, 900 and 1000 metres respectively. Now, it is obvious that those distances were not right for him nor was such an early debut. His pedigree shouts stamina and horses from the line of Equalize, and Potrillazo take a little longer to develop. So it is no wonder his best races are the most recent ones (and hopefully the ones to come), obtaining four consecutive wins (including a grade III, a grade II and yesteday´s grade I).
    Having already won in San Isidro´s turf course and with the distance of 2000 metres seeming suitable for his ability, hopefully he will make a strong contender for the G.P. Jockey Club.

    Paulinho is a different kind of horse, not impressive in his looks, but a superior type of runner. In my opinion, the best colt since Husson, a few years back. It is a shame the Equal Stripes colt is being sold as i post this, for he had a true chance of taking the Triple Crown.
    But as Duc d´Uzés put it a long time ago: “The king is dead. Long live the King!”

    On a different matter (though related to Paulinho), the filly Luckily has just won de G.P de Potrancas (G I) at Maroñas, Uruguay.
    Just wanted to point out that it is the same cross as Paulinho (and Coordenada –G I-).
    Luckily is by Argentine sire Decisive (Candy Stripes) and out of the Ride the Rails mare Lucky Rider. Her second dam is by Ringaro, the same as Coordenada.
    All of the aforementioned from the families of Haras Abolengo.

  2. Thanks, Gonzalo. Of course that is the reverse cross of Abolengo-bred Candy Ride, by Ride the Rails from a Candy Stripes mare.

    Bob Baffert also told me that Paulinho was not very attractive and small, when he was being offered for $750,000 before the Carreras. Looks, however, do not win races, and I agree, he did look exceptional on the track in his brief career in Argentina. Perhaps this gray colt will fill the void; he certainly looks like he’ll be better as the distances get longer.

  3. Thanks for the info, Sid.
    It is a pity Baffert did not get Paulinho. I would have loved to see the colt´s campaign in the USA. I think he could have had a good chance there, especially when comparing his ability to what other Argentine horses showed here and how well they did there afterwards. In recent times Lucky Island, Global Hunter, Salt Champ, etc. where important specimens in Argentina, but I wouldn´t have put my money on them been successful in North America.
    As you very well said horse races are not beauty pageants. Even though Paulinho is a small, kind of fragile looking colt, he sure can run!

    Of course the reverse cross of the great Candy Ride (I have just finished watching Twirling Candy´s win in yesterday´s Del Mar Derby). Do you have any idea what his stud fee for 2011 is, by the way? Thanks

    Oh! Yesterday I forgot to point out that Es Corino has won his four last races, all of them with Peruvian jockey Edwin Talaverano (before he was rode by different jockeys, including P. Falero).

  4. About the Triple Crown and Paulinho, I’m not sure he can handle the training to go to 2000 or 2500 meters…Is all about his size. I know Roberto Pellegatta a lot -now we have two horses in his stable, one of the usually works with Paulinho (he is a first start winner and later were off the gates 100 meters later ::(((). He likes to train hard his horses, and Paulinho cant’ do it. Imagine about to run 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 miles, you need it…That’s the reason because I think he cannot go for the Triple Crown…But, again, he run a lotttt…

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