Hungarians asking for news of Overdose groom Budinszky

5 thoughts on “Hungarians asking for news of Overdose groom Budinszky”

  1. Very very interesting! Good work, Sid, and maybe the truth will arise. That is very obvious love in Overdose’s eyes for Ms. Budinski in the photo, no two ways about it.

    Wonder what constitutes “professional handler” there…

    Thanks for another good column.

  2. Thanks Barb. I agree that there’s some level of affection ‘tween these two that’s rare ‘tween horses and handlers in racing.

    Diego, dunno what’s going on, but with some of the unsavory drama that’s surrounded this horse’s connections in the past, nothing is out of the question, though I doubt the “foul” play involves physical danger.

  3. Bad management from the owner(s), changing to careless training, Barbara left because she didn’t want to be part of this new method that killed this wonder. After the old team disappeared, the wonder disappeared with them too. No wonder. Just look at the story of Kincsem, how Blaskovich and Hesp did their thing, hilarious.

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