Where have you gone, Barbara Budinszki? asks Overdose

8 thoughts on “Where have you gone, Barbara Budinszki? asks Overdose”

  1. I had listened to the race on Timeform Radio via Betfair (gotta love the internet), and the commentators in England also commented on his antics prior to the race as possibly compromising his run. You certainly have a knack for uncovering the most obscure and interesting angles of just about any story. A true journalist, there aren’t enough out there like you. Thanks for the interesting story Sid.

  2. This from a journalist from Új Szó, a Hungarian daily newspaper in Slovakia:

    maybe you remember me, once I have contacted you about Overdose. I read your blogpost today in the morning and I also wondered about Barbara Budinszki. I interviewed Mr Mikóczy via phone today and asked him about her. He said that she couldnt have accompanied Overdose anyway in Baden-Baden before the start, because only the professional handlers are allowed to be with the horses. But he didnt answer my actual question where she is or so. Actually he was really-really sad and still in kind of a shock.
    Btw, I found Ms. Budinszki on a Hungarian social site and wrote her a message. She hasnt responded yet, but if she does, I will let you know.

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