Ramzan Kadyrov’s Mikhail Glinka in Russian Derby Sunday

5 thoughts on “Ramzan Kadyrov’s Mikhail Glinka in Russian Derby Sunday”

  1. Looks like murderers and terrorists get a wink/smile from this blog. Apparently you have no standards whatsoever.

    Ramzan kadyrov is an evil person. The fact that anyone allows his horses on a track really sheds some light on the racing. They’ll take anyone — child rapists, murderers, terrorists, anyone — as long as they have the scratch.


  2. Just wow, AI! As someone who follows Sid on Twitter, and who spends their own Twitter time reporting on the tyrants, human rights abusers, and oligarchs of the ex-Soviet Union and who is a friend of a friend of murdered-in-Chechnya human rights worker Natalya Estemirova (see Kadyrov’s typically slimey denial of involvement here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/29/world/europe/29briefs-Russia.html) I’ve appreciated Sid’s willingness to expressly NOT give Kadyrov a pass, but to instead report here on this blog about the assassination case in Dubai (when almost no one else did) and in general to keep his activities in the spotlight. Whether Kadyrov is allowed to race is up to the jurisdictions of the various countries’ horse racing boards, not journalists, so take your advocacy of a ban to them. I sincerely hope that he does not try to race his horses in the U.S.

    Kadyrov is also seeking legitimacy through staging fake soccer matches with former soccer greats, as recently as this week–but that’s a story for a different blog…

  3. Little New Zealand won’t grant Mike Tyson a visa to visit because he’s an undesirable. Yet Australia and Singapore, just for starters, allow Kadyrov to race horses on their soil. Now that Australia has a seat on the UN Security Council, I wonder what would happen if one of his nags was to come out again?
    And why am I not surprised about his South African connection? It’s a soft unprincipled world.

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