First Samurai joins Shamardal and Footstepsinthesand

6 thoughts on “First Samurai joins Shamardal and Footstepsinthesand”

  1. Shamardal is by far the most promising of GC’s sons at stud, and appears very likely to develop into an outstanding sire. The others? Not so much.

    And Henny Hughes a Classic contender? Not to my mind, nor do I see him getting other than sprinters and milers, with possibly very rare exceptions.

  2. Shamardal obviously looks promising; i think i mentioned that as well, Tinky.
    Too early to tell about First Samurai whether he’ll be more like Shamardal— top notch—or like Footstepsinthesand—a prolific winner getter with less high-octane black type stock (to date).

    For all, still too early, but can’t fault what they are doing; it’s better than not getting any stakes-caliber stock.

    Classics contender insofar as he won a classic prep, The Fountain of Youth, and was injured in another classics prep, the Blue Grass.

    A mile winner at 2 and a 9f winner at early 3 by a sire who gets stamina, maybe he’ll get a few 9f types? That’s what most horses in this country get, anyway! No surprises there.

    Thanks for the comments

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