The video: The return of Overdose at Bratislava yesterday

6 thoughts on “The video: The return of Overdose at Bratislava yesterday”

  1. Huzzah for Overdose! I always enjoy race calls in a foreign tongue…only words I can ever make out are the jocks and horses. Really pleased for the big O–such an exciting race.

  2. Yes, Overdose won..but I have to say – not in “Overdose style” yet.

    Other things were interesting as well. Age of Jape lost for the first time since he came to Czech training ( So the Slovakian 7yrs old horse Ryan could celebrate the 4th “Gold Cup” win in a row(won the very same race in 2007,2008,2009 and 2010).

    Another Hungarian phenomenal champion Steady as a Rock has injured in his race and as I heard – if he’s will be “only” the end of his racing career. (

    Czech derby winner Talgado didn’t start in the Slovakian derby for tense muscle, but it was great race anyway..won by Innovator, finishing nicely (

    So these are my points 😉

  3. Great to see O-ver-DOZE make a winning comeback, although I doubt that effort was within 10 pounds of his best. Any sense how Timeform or Globeform rated it?


  4. He was well spotted against these, and he still needed to work to win; not bad for 1st start in 15 mos and 2nd in 2 years; will need to find much more; at his peak, as you note Frank, he would have won eased by 10.

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