Bernstein, Pure Prize are represented by Estrellas winners

11 thoughts on “Bernstein, Pure Prize are represented by Estrellas winners”

  1. Thanks for the great recap of the Carreras de las Estrellas. Had a question: it looks like Palermo’s track is hard-packed dirt instead of grated soil on a dry fast track. Is this a normal condition of dirt tracks in Argentina? It looks similar to when a track is “sealed” in the US before rain is expected.

  2. Hola Sid!

    Yesterday at the Estrellas, I spoke to Diego in the walking ring before the Classic. He was very interesting to chat with.

    It was also a grand day of racing in the highly picturesque Palermo racetrack. And Paulinho was truly lovely in physique and in style of victory. There will be great competition for him and for his young sire, who promises to be one of the best chances for alternate continuation of the Blushing Groom male line branch of Nasrullah.

    I would disagree slightly about Diego’s evaluation of Lignote de Oro as the best 10 furlong racer in Argentina. Just slightly, if so. Life of Victory was catching him with every stride after a notably disadvantageous trip. At nine furlongs, LdO had the race in hand. At 10, it was close. In a replay, it could have gone the other way.

    But it was damned good racing.

    Wish you’d been there.


  3. Thanks for the commentary from Buenos Aires, Frank. I heard from an American trainer that Paulinho is quite small; they asked for $700,000 before the race, apparently.

  4. that’s a great analogy, Steve, and you’re absolutely right; Palermo is dirt but San Isidro is turf, by the way. After those two, the next biggest track is La Plata. These types of dirt tracks are common all over S America, actually.

  5. The sire Equal Stripes did have a good day at Palermo, siring the winners of the 4th,5th,6th,7th and 10th race. A good thing to see with the breeding season just around the corner.

  6. There is no doubt that Lingote de Oro is the best stayer over sand in Argentina. Life of Victory could have a better chance on turf and at longer distance (12 furlongs), but in a ten furlong race on dirt Lingote de Oro is almost undefeatable nowadays.

    Paulinho is BY FAR the best colt of the last four or five generations. Since Husson (of which Paulinho´s style reminds me a lot) as a 2 year old in 2005, there has not been such a superior specimen.
    In my opinion, Paulinho is bound to become one of the best horses of the country in the last two decades. Along with Candy Ride and the aforementioned Husson.
    Paulinho defeated the best colts of this generation last saturday, and it made it look as a walkover. The only one missing was Phone Time, but i do not think his inclusion would have made much of a difference. Don Petardo and Anaerobio ran very well, in fact they were second and third, respectively. Boris Blue, another fine colt came in fourth. It is just that Paulinho´s superirority is so great, that it makes the other colts seem as if they were second class performers.
    Paulinho´s time was 1s6c faster than the time of the fillies which run the same distance one hour before.

  7. Correction: The time was 1s 60c faster. It is 6 “decimas” but i do not know how to say it in English (maybe “tenths”… i do not think that is a word)

  8. Hi Diego:

    Hope that you are doing great and thank you for the article.

    While briefly perusing the pedigrees of the winners I found that the third dam of Coordenada (winner of de Estrellas Juvenile Fillies), Croquignole is also the 2nd. dam of Punk (broodmare sire of the filly Desejada Duda-BRZ winner over 2 y.o. colts of the Gran Premio Jockey Club Brasileiro at La Gavea.

    Like usual I am doing a quick check of pedigrees and end up immersing myself in the bloodlines. Anyhow, Croquignole was by El Califa (tail male to Court Martial x Boucle d’Or by Nordeste (tail male to Norseman).

    According to my records El Califa won 2 races including the Gran Premio del Jockey Club. His second dam Eme, was also the dam of Elite (winner of the Polla de Potrancas, totalling 7 wins); she the dam of Scelto and Tibaldo (SW in ARG 7 USA, stood initially in the USA and sent to Puerto Rico where the had a decent record as a stallion).

    Scelto sired Repicado, a SW in Chile that according to the PedQuery was sold to the USA but never made it to the racetrack and was retired, he later sired of the SW in California Radar Ahead (Swaps Stakes and over $300K). Scelto also shows up as the broodmare sire of the second dam of Lido Palace (Champion in Chile and Gr.1 winner in USA).

    Eme (dam of Elite) is also on the female line of US SW Harlan and the good stallion White Face (in Venezuela).

    Seems that Croquignoles’ blood has “something going on”. Too bad PedQuery does not have information regarding the race record of her progeny.


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