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Video of Nasrullah arriving at Claiborne Farm in 1950

Pedigree researcher Rosana Rivera was kind enough to send along a video link (end of post) that depicts the great sire Nasrullah arriving in Kentucky by train, then Claiborne Farm by van. The sire of Bold Ruler and 98 stakes winners, Nasrullah was bred and raced by the Aga Khan and stood in Ireland before arriving in the US for the 1951 season. He died in 1959 and is buried at Claiborne. Click here to read an account of Nasrullah from The Blood-Horse. Rosana Rivera’s research on the missing stakes winners of Man o’ War was first published in this space and can be read by clicking here.

Click here to view the video.


9 thoughts on “Video of Nasrullah arriving at Claiborne Farm in 1950

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  2. Allison Hill Roulston says:

    Thanks for the Nasrullah film clip. A great stallion and and an auspicious moment in US Thoroughbred history. His arrival coincided with mine in the sport — I galloped horses at Narragansett that summer and started studying pedigrees. In those days it seemed to be all about Nearco, Hyperion and descendants of Mumtaz Mahal.

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