Racing journo Paul Haigh hasn’t got hang of Twitter, yet!

9 thoughts on “Racing journo Paul Haigh hasn’t got hang of Twitter, yet!”

  1. “and why are tweets restricted to 140 characters? it’s nowhere near enough. ” –

    well, not if you plan to convey arguments, let alone discussion. But shouldn’t you consider this kind of thing before you sign up?

    @Sid: as a non-tweeter (twitterer? tweep? tweetolocist? twee party member?) I have to ask which of the several definitions of tweep you are referring to.

  2. I’m with poor Paul. I can’t bring myself to start; I’ve only recently given in to Facebook…and even if I did manage to get anyone to follow my “tweets,” I couldn’t bear the text message overload on the phone.

  3. haha Gina, you can easily set it up so that you get no dms (direct messages) to your cell phone; you wouldn’t get other Twitter messages, anyway, on the phone.

    What I have found with Twitter, though, is that it takes getting used to and is not like FB at all. Conversations can take place in near real time, and news gets passed quicker than in any other medium. The other day i actually tweeted a video i took from my iphone instantaneously, and photos, music, mixed media, etc., all get exchanged quickly. Just today, actually, i tweeted that i rarely visit blogs now unless the authors are on Twitter because there’s only so much time one devote to this and therefore it’s easier for me to just stay on Twitter and make forays elsewhere if i am tipped off there about interesting stuff elsewhere. Who you follow is obviously important.

    Getting used to Twitter does take time, as does the process of engaging with people.

  4. Truth is I send so much time online anyway I can’t really be bothered with this.

    Nobody has yet convinced of the advantages. Can you be bothered Sid?

    Why would anyone except a blockhead want to write except for money. (I bet Dr. Johnson would never have tweeted).

    The remark about the army of followers was a joke by the way.

    Is it just a way of showing off?

    If so…..well, it’s a very nice day here in Tokyo.

  5. Paul:

    You are asking the wrong person if he could be bothered with it! Unfortunately, I’m hooked on it and spend far too much time there, so I’m a “blockhead” on more than one count because I tweet for free and then write about it on this blog for free, too! Yes, Dr. Johnson would never have tweeted, but I’m damn sure Boswell would have!

    Showing off in Twitter? Why, it’s de rigeur!

    Give it another shot, Paul. And glad to hear Tokyo is nice, today. NY also.



  6. Well, Twitter is quite a different thing from Facebook or from a blog. It’s for interaction, not expounding, for making witty, succinct remarks, for traveling light, for those who can write intriguing leads for their links, and for those who have diverse interests and want to meet people they don’t already know. Who’d-a thunk that I’d meet someone else in the world who was interested in horse racing, Chechen rebels, and Sheikh Mohammed? But, through Twitter, I met @SidFernando. 🙂

    If you think of Twitter as a 21st-century Algonquin Round Table rather than a pulpit, you’ve got a fairer idea of its charm and worth. Dorothy Parker and Voltaire would have loved it; Cotton Mather would have avoided it like a plague. So pick your social media poison. As for me:

    “Loquacity is overrated; short and sweet is neat, so tweet!”—Ani Wandaryan #Twitter #TWISI

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