Roger Lyons’ ‘Pedigree Matters’ blog offers fresh insights

8 thoughts on “Roger Lyons’ ‘Pedigree Matters’ blog offers fresh insights”

  1. Sid, thank you for this link. It’s an aspect of racing I feel I should know more about so will be reading up on it now. Thanks too for your own learned blog!

  2. Dear Sid,

    Please inform Mr. Lyons that he is not in compliance with Article 3, subsection ix of the Uniform Code of Practice for Pedigree Consultants (specifically, the use of humor in discussing important theories and implications related to pedigrees and the matings of Thoroughbreds for genetic success in the field of racing).

    In the Uniform Code of Practice Handbook, we strongly urge member PCs to word their replies in the most obscure and turgid language possible, taking special care in all instances and situations to use phrases that sound good and mean something less than the vapor encircling the head of Zeus.

    And NEVER use humor. This is just not done. The PROPER PC is dour and stern, advising clients while smiling not, keeping a grave tone, and investing his pronouncements with a sense of tremendous importance. To do otherwise might invite an inappropriate familiarity between the PC and client.

    Also, please refrain from using the word “tights,” lest someone get a twist in his knickers.

    Frank Mitchell

  3. Frank, I am duly chastened. Obviously, I need to put my head down and find some models of the kind of pedigree writing you mention–you know, of the real PC type. Now, does PC stand for pedigree correctness or. . . ? And is there some blog in particular that you had in mind?

    Thanks for the advice.


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