A writer behind the scenes with Zenyatta at Oaklawn Park

9 thoughts on “A writer behind the scenes with Zenyatta at Oaklawn Park”

  1. Great read, Frances.

    We’ve read about the race and the significance of her record historically, so having you bring us this kind of behind-the-scenes coverage was a treat. Thanks, too, to Sid for giving you the space to share.

    Also, not that Zenyatta’s resume needs any enhancements, but she was 1-to-20 in the Apple Blossom, not 1-to-9.

  2. The picture of Zenyatta entering the track is incredible, she is so dappled and her girth is magnificent. She must have a very large heart and lung capacity.

    Great post, thanks!

  3. Beautifully written! Zenyatta is a gentle, generous giantess, and we are privileged to be watching her career. And I have not the slightest doubt she was bowing for the crowd. Late in his career, I watched the old New York star gelding Fourstardave come on to the track at Belmont. Used to being cheered and applauded, he stood stock still until it began, then trotted along happily.

  4. I must admit Frances, Your boots on the ground round by round brought a tear to my glass eye. Felt like I was there every step of the way. Even thought about stopping by the track kitchen for a cup of soup.

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