Gloria de Campeao’s pedigree is success for many from SA

11 thoughts on “Gloria de Campeao’s pedigree is success for many from SA”

  1. Fascinating post.

    I must confess that when I looked up GdC’s pedigree shortly after the race the first three generations rang almost no bells, even though it certainly got prominent in the 4th and 5th generations.

    Thanks for explaining the thought process and history behind such a match so vividly.

  2. Dear Sid,
    You know me very well. Thank you for these great accomplishments you gave to me.
    Gloria de Campeao was a beautiful yearling. He remind me a lot Clackson – his broodmare sire. Not chestnut, but grey. And he run as him, going to to the front and putting all his heart at the highest gear. He never gives up.
    Four points made me buy this horse to Mr. Friborg for US$20,000 at the farm
    1. broodmare sire Clackson
    2. The best Ojo de Agua broodmare line
    3. Rasmussen Factor em la Farnesina
    4. Very well balance, great walker, a lot of class and a eye of the tiger.

    I will put in my blog / O ninho do Albatroz / his picture when he was a yearling

    Thank you for your comments.
    The agents are also out of the party
    Renato Gameiro

  3. Sid-

    Great series of posts.

    Full kudos to Renato Gameiro & Co.

    By the way, check out the pedigree of World Cup runner-up
    Lizard’s Desire – another clever example of the RF.

    All the Best,

  4. Malcer, Renato, Diego, and Rommy, thanks for checking in. Renato, thanks for the photo of the yearling Gloria. At present, Renato is in Brazil looking at yearlings. Diego, yes, I read your piece in Turf Diario– very interesting. Readers will know Diego as the editor of Turf Diario. Rommy is breeding columnist at TTimes, pedigree authority, and Leon’s protege; with Leon, Rommy wrote the book “Inbreeding to Superior Females,” now out of print.

  5. As a curious note, we stood a stallion here in Dominican Republic from the immediate female family of G de C. Urutau(ARG), 1982, by Liloy – Urugauya, by Martinet.

    Racing truly has no borders!

    Angel Contreras

  6. Renato have the eye to select a horse, the eye to read a pedigree more than others, becuase he study a lot, he is mi best teacher, he explain me a lot when i was very young and make me study, so I was very happy when Gloria the Campeao won de Dubai World Cup, he was not there but we know that he make a great job as the jockey and the trainner.
    Congratulations to Renato.

    Juan Ramallo

  7. We are expecting a foal by Gloria de Campeao next week in Sweden. Does anyone know the stud fee for him in Brazil and how many mares he got last season?

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