Triple Crown season is time for song and dance speculators

4 thoughts on “Triple Crown season is time for song and dance speculators”

  1. Nice post Sid. I’m pretty inept when it comes to thoroughbred pedigrees (unless it has to do with Sadler’s Wells, Storm Cat or A. P. Indy I’m lost pretty much) but I feel like your writing is put in easy term for me to understand.

  2. Sid, this is one of the joys of the Triple Crown season. It makes breeders and buyers as conscious of their mares as of their racehorses in training. That’s a good thing.

    A few years ago, a young, in-foal mare showed up with everything. She was by a Kentucky Derby winner and was a half-sister to the colt who’d won the race the preceding Saturday.

    That was a find, and the young mare brought a premium (but less than a half-million, even so) because she had everything and was in foal to a decent horse.

    Buying and selling before the classics is more speculative, sometimes more rewarding, and always part of the excitement of the classic season.


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