The intriguing Venezuelan, Bambera, tuned up Wednesday

11 thoughts on “The intriguing Venezuelan, Bambera, tuned up Wednesday”

  1. Gustavo Delgado, was impressed with her physical growth and development.

    Me too.

    Even a little overweight.

    I hope to be wrong on this.

      1. Now I regret my comment on Bambera. Concerning Belle Watling she is to make her debut on the dirt course of Hipódromo Chile. I think she is a truly champion though for the first time she will meet older horses. Some sophomores resent that. Anyway she has shown to be on a fine condition. Last Saturday she worked 1,400m., on the main course (left hand course). Overall time: 1:29.48., last 200 in 12 seconds with regular rider H. I. Berríos. Hipodromo Chile track is very soft, specially during week days. It will take a lot to beat her.

  2. I saw her in Puerto Rico in December for the Clasico del Caribe which she won impressively. She is physically much improved. Hate to see her make her US debut in graded stakes company…would have preferred a easy allowance or minor stakes race.

    I wish all of her connections the best!

    Angel Contreras

  3. Yes, Angel, the consensus appears to be that she’s thrived, and it’s apparent, as Pablo noted, that she’s carrying more condition now. How is Sicotico doing, by the way? I’m sure he must be quite popular in DR.

    By the way, did Joel Rosario ride him?

  4. bambera its a speed filly, she will open in the gate #1 and three previous day in Gulfstream;s Dirt 13-17 wire to wire. I beleive that advantage is there

  5. Bambera is considered the best filly in Venezuela since 1980, when another filly called “Gelinotte” (Never Bend-Mariachi by Princequillo) was considered the best filly of the XX century. Unfortunately, Bambera was competing against poor horses during their races (a very bad generation, I’d say), and lost just the second race of the all gender venezuelan Triple Crown against a winner of one race, Harriman who surprised her in the last meters of 2000 mts. Her best performance, IMHO, was the Caribbean Derby, in the first days of December, when in 1800 mts she fight from the beginning with the mexican championship filly Vivian Record, while all the other horses seemed to be running another competition… In the last 400 mts, Bambera took the first position and from there in an excellent performance won this important Derby. Definitively, it’s a risk to run Bambera after a rest of 4 months, in The Revamp, instead of testing her conditions in a simpler race, but this is an excellent opportunity for this filly to demonstrate if really she is a good filly who can compete at the same level against USA horses, or instead if she is a new example of another venezuelan horses that in the past were not able to demonstrate what they did in Venezuela when running in USA…. GOOD LUCK BAMBERA!!

    1. Gelinotte also came here, but did not race here. She did, however, produce 2 SWs by In Reality, and was a better producer than Trinycarol. Thanks for the comments, Robert.

  6. Sid, Belle Watling has been entered to race a prep on Saturday next. Probably to see how she manages the dirt and left-hand course. We will see.

    Best regards

    pablo reyes

    (this is a note taken from the Hipódromo Chile official website)


    Lo que tanto se venía anunciando estaría a punto de concretarse. Sí, porque en los 2.000 metros del clásico Julio Prado Amor, uno de los dos estelares de este próximo sábado en nuestra cancha, la potranca Belle Watling figura en la nómina preliminar de participantes de esta carrera en la que, hasta aquí, haría frente a siete rivales en el marco de su estreno acá en la arena. Es así como la gran campeona del proceso selectivo 2009 en forma general, y del Club Hípico de Santiago en particular, cumpliría con su primera actuación en nuestro hipódromo, tres meses y medio después de haber alcanzado los $250.000.000 de la Cuádruple Corona del Club, en virtud de haber hecho suyo el doble kilómetro del Gran Clásico Coronación Grupo II, etapa final del certamen.

    Así las cosas, la ganadora de los clásicos El Ensayo, Nacional Ricardo Lyon y Polla de Potrancas, correspondientes al Grupo I, tendría una indispensable carrera de antesala, tres semanas antes de ir en busca de un objetivo superior, los 2.200 metros del Gran Premio Hipódromo Chile Grupo I, clásico que el sábado 1 de mayo, como de costumbre, consolidará la figura del nuevo amo y señor del largo aliento palmeño. En ese sentido, justo es precisar que la defensora del stud Don Theo ya reconoció nuestra pista de carreras, cuando el 20 de marzo pasado se ejercitara sobre 1.400 metros, registrando ahí el tercer mejor tiempo, dentro de los cinco ejemplares que cubrieron dicha distancia, al establecer un crono de 1.29.48 y 12.00 para los últimos 200 metros, bajo las órdenes de Héctor Isaac Berríos, su jockey titular.

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