Bambera has Venezuelan jinx to deal with in US debut

13 thoughts on “Bambera has Venezuelan jinx to deal with in US debut”

  1. FANTASTIC post, Sid. It’s great to have a context on top Venezuelan vs. American form over the last 40 years.

    I remember Trinycarol. In the late 1990s, as a older mare with a poor produce record behind her, she was sold at a breeding stock sale here for (I think) $14K or a similar very low figure. I hope whomever purchased her treated her like the honorable home country champion she was.

  2. good post and thanks for the video links.

    You don’t often see a horse stay through as well as Taconeo if they’re pressed hard so early.
    Didn’t seem to slow down at any point during both races, but yeah he doesn’t look suited for North American racing at all.

  3. Susan, she was sold for $4,000 in foal to Evansville Slew at the 1996 Keeneland sale. She was then sent back to Venezuela, where in 1997 her Evansville Slew filly was foaled and named Reina Carol.


    Lost track of her after that, but I am sure she was treated like the queen she was in Venezuela.

  4. Filiberto:

    Yes, Remarkable News was bred in Ven but never raced there; instead he made all his starts in the US—all on turf. his form, therefore, was not venezuelan, which is more about dirt racing at La Rinconada.

  5. OK I understood your point. I already knew it.
    Nevertheless I consider that for example Mendip is a US horse, no matter that all his races have been outside US.
    Besides, They put in the officials programs Remarkable News (VEN).
    Anyway I like your article about Bambera,Taconeo and Trinycarol.

  6. Dear Fernando,

    After reading your post the first thing that I thought was that you were Venezuelan, but a very realistic one, and not as the common of venezuelan racing fans who don’t seem to know how american racing is in fact, and believe in “fairy tales”, such as Canonero’s history repeating (by the way, there is a fact that everybody seems to forget about him, and is that he was born and raised in the USA, not Venezuela), showing a minimun knowledge of racing itself.

    But well, that is not actually why I’m posting this, but to complement the information regarding Trinycarol: she passed away on January 22nd of 1999, due to foaling complications at Haras Vista Hermosa (coincidentially the same pastures where she was born 20 years before, when it was Haras Karen Sissy, instead of Vista Hermosa).

    She left two offsprings in Venezuela: Reina Carol (by Evansville Slew) and Go Triny Go (by Oceanic Dancer).

    Any comments you can reach me at

    Best regards to all.

    Javier Ernesto Farache

    PS: Great post! More accurate would be impossible.

  7. Bambera will be taking on a decent field with Don’t Forget Gil and Aurora Lights entered in the Rampart, so this should be a perfect spot for us to gage how good she really is. Personally I’m very eager to see if she can present a legit threat in the Apple Blossom if her connections decide to send her there.
    Thanks for the update Sid!

  8. I think is unfair to compare Canonero with the likes of Trinycarol, Taconeo and even Bambera. Canonero was a US bred horse that was brought to Venezuela to compete while the others were native-breds in Venezuela.
    However, Venezuela bred horses in my opinion are by far the best horses in the Caribbean region right now.

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