Half of Overdose has been sold to five Hungarian companies

2 thoughts on “Half of Overdose has been sold to five Hungarian companies”

  1. The Overdose saga just gets better and better. I’m wondering if he will ever see a racecourse again, although I love the horse. He was so robbed in the Abbaye fiasco I’ll never forget it. That said, I don’t know how France Galop allows the horse to race here since they seem so keen on keeping out anyone with a criminal record. Apparently Overdose’s shady connections are a big exception.

  2. I am as big a fan of his as you are; yes, too bad about the Ababye, too. When he raced in the Abbaye in ’08, Zoltan Mikoczy did not have a criminal record. He was only arrested and jailed in Romania last year, and since he has been set free, I don’t know that he’d actually have a record other than an arrest.

    The two previous co-owners in the horse, including Slovak millionaire Mario Hoffmann, who has many criminal allegations against him, including bribery, in Turks and Caicos, released their interests in the colt to Mikoczy last year; therefore, until the deal Friday with the Hungarian corporations, Mikoczy had 100 percent interest in Overdose.

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