Bambera posts a bullet 5f work at Calder; heads to Oaklawn

6 thoughts on “Bambera posts a bullet 5f work at Calder; heads to Oaklawn”

  1. This is a very good looking girl, Bambera obviously has the goods Sid, an extremely high end horse and this will make the Apple Blossom something to watch. It will be interesting to descry the communal recognition of the two Big Mares. So much they do tell in that brief instant. And indeed, Water Poet left a mark, like good poets do! 🙂

  2. KT, we’ll see just how good she is against Zenyatta and others. Venezuelans, with the exception of Canonero, haven’t generally fared too well in the US. She is, however, an intriguing—and talented—filly.

  3. Yea, I have to say that there was a lot of very good racing over the weekend from Looking At Lucky and onward, but “looking” at the bigger picture, Zenyatta is not a horse I personally could ever go against. She’s naturally inclined, and ridden & trained to meet her exact needs. It’s for me at least, a heck-of-a-job all around with a horse that has the IT factor. She decides to win, it’s almost a game for her, she is a classic Stair Climber, which the exact Emotional Conformation and tendency for a lead athlete. I don’t pick favorites really, I admire and adore horses one and all, but the first moment I personally laid eyes on her, she hit me like a brick wall. Like facing a pitcher you know darn well can take you to a full count, and then make you look like a fool on a high n tight fast ball. 🙂

  4. Hi, i’m Venezuelan handicapper, I beleive that she must do her debut in an easy race, experience with other great Venezuelan Champion failed for it detail
    My speed figure is samely to the Brisnet. Bambera lets 101, 102, 101 in her previous races and 95 in most importan event in Venezuela Clasico Simon Bolivar en 12 furlongs in Caracas Racourse La Rinconada High over the level sea 2,800 feet
    she is special, is like a magic, her walking style, inning the gate, and the most outreagous she ran 12 furlong and the next week 12 furlong again and barely set track record and in the paddock after race she was relax, fresh like a simple gallop
    However its no easy, in USA there are 20 Bamberas in racecourse each. Thera are specialist in each distance, in each race type and each surface.
    I believe that Bambera should run better in Turf, between 1mile and 1mile &1/4 but her owner prefer “a dream agaist the gratest”

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