Yahoo group comments on form need to be placed in context

3 thoughts on “Yahoo group comments on form need to be placed in context”

  1. Excellent article Sid, and I agree with you that heretofore un-thought-of countries will find their racing and their horses more and more in the conversation. Racing as a sport is for me so enjoyable because of the global arena, from breeding to on the track, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with, but always a lot of fun too. Great read!

  2. thanks, KT. Many observers, like the moderator of the Yahoo group, haven’t fully realized the nuances of international racing within the context of black type. For instance, Indian G1 winners are considered only of Listed international form, yet the Indian filly sprinter Oasis Star was 2nd to the Argentine G1-placed SW So Shiny in a Dubai handicap—and she finished ahead of several Part I stakes and Group winners. That’s the art of putting this into context.

  3. Yep, that is the beauty of it, and a steady reminder to always look at the big picture. The thing that draws me in is that there almost always seems to be a new thing, a fresh horse, a race I never considered, a horse I didn’t know was racing…, the challenge of understanding and always trying to learn, is the essence of the sport. Have a great weekend, and… thanks Sid.

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