Notes on how Bambera’s sire Water Poet went to Venezuela

10 thoughts on “Notes on how Bambera’s sire Water Poet went to Venezuela”

  1. I think it’s great that Bambera is going to get a chance to potentially face-off against Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta in the Apple Blossom. She is an incredible filly, you were the one that first made me aware of her through your blog. I’ve been enjoying following her ever since, thanks!

  2. In real life, I (Barry Irwin) sold Water Poet to Amin Saiden, with whom I raced the Grade 1 Charles H. Strub Stakes winner It’s the One, whom I had syndicated for $6 million in the early 1980s.

    I had bought Water Poet on my own account on spec and resold him to Mr. Saiden to stand at his farm in Venezuela.

    1. Barry, thank you for your explanation of how Water Poet went to Venezuela. So far, from this post, I’ve had readers step forward to add to many “real life” parts, including the fate of Trinycarol after she was sent back to Venezuela. For readers then, let’s add Barry’s end game and reconcile it with what I posted earlier. This “real life” part of the story still holds: “On Jack’s advice, the stallion was sold to the brother of his then-employee [at Werk Thoroughbred Consultants, Inc.], Marie Kizenko. Marie at present is an associate editor at Thoroughbred Daily News.” I spoke to Marie tonight (March 18) and she confirmed that on Jack Werk’s advice her brother and partners indeed purchased the horse and had him shipped to the US from Dubai. “We paid to have him shipped,” she said. A half-brother to Swain, Marie recalled that “we still owned him when Swain ran in the Breeders’ Cup” in 1998, and said “we either sold him that November or by January” at the latest. That would be late 1998, or early 1999, which means that Barry sold the horse to Mr.Saiden at around that time as Water Poet entered stud in 1999 and his first foals arrived in 2000. “I don’t recall that we sold the horse to Barry,” said Marie, “but it’s possible.”

      I remember the horse very well because bloodstock agent Ed Price actually brought him to my attention, and I, in turn, told Jack about him. I recall that Jack was very high on the horse’s stud potential—which Marie also remembered tonight. “I probably would not have advised my brother to buy him had I seen him first, though,” Marie said. “He was small and weedy.”

  3. I checked my file on Water Poet this evening.

    Marie was agent for her brother when I bought Water Poet and sold him on to Amin Saiden in January of 1999.

    Jack Werk may have helped Marie and her brother, but I don’t see any connection with Amin Saiden or Venezuela.

    It is nice to know that Jack Werk saw potential in a horse that was by Sadler’s Wells and out of Love Smitten and a half-brother to a world-class animal.

  4. If you look at the story, i have drawn a line through Venezuela to reflect the new information.

    Not only did Jack in real life advise Marie on the purchase of the horse from Dubai—she worked in his office at the time—but I recall now that before you bought the horse there was interest in him later from Brazil, after Marie’s brother had tried to race him.

    It’s been many years, so I’m glad you filled in the part about Venezuela, which jogged my memory, too. Jack actually liked the horse as a stallion prospect for South America, and by the time he contacted Marie about Brazil she’d already sold the horse—to you, we now find.

    Real life is a small world. And in real life, the Sadler’s Wells sires have done very well in South America.

  5. To complement the information regarding Water Poet from January 1999 and on, he was then brought to Venezuela by Mr. Saiden and re-negociated with Angelo Serafini (Stud San Gabriel), who stood Water Poet at Saiden’s farm (Haras San Isidro) until last year, when he decided to move him to Haras Vista Hermosa (coincidentially the same farm that bought Trinycarol as I mentioned in my last post), where right now he is standing his 11th breeding season.

  6. Javier:

    Thanks very much for the rest of the story.Turns out, then, that Angelo Serafini was the owner of record after Mr.Saiden quickly turned him around, just as Barry Irwin had quicky turned him around to Mr. Saiden.

  7. Hello,my name is Neyth and im from Venezuela,i was looking for some information about Water Poet on the web and i came to this site,your blog,and i found some cool information about Water Poet and even Bambera, our Horse of the Year 2009,Bambera has made 3 races on USA already,the first one named “Rampart Stakes she got injured,the she was like 5 months off from races,she return on a Optional Claiming losing by a nose.

    Bambera run later on the “George Rosenberger Stakes”,
    finishing 3rd.

    Well,i wanted to let you know,right now we got a new really good horse on Venezuela,is called Water Jet,as you may guess,yeah…is sired by Water Poet.

    The horse already won the triplecrown,the cool thing is: HES UNDEFEATED!!!

    Also yesterday,Water Jet won the Copa de Oro G1 on at incredible performance,setting a new track record with a amazing 2:26 2/5 for the 2400 meters…

    heres the video:

    Water Jet is on his way to the “Simon Bolivar G1” and the “Clasico del Caribe G1″mthis last is going to be raced on Venezuela this year,so Water Jet got really a good chance to win…people say Water Jet is better than Bambera and Taconeo.

    Sorry for my bad english xD.

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