Little girl Jacqueline rises to occasion: Makes Derby history

14 thoughts on “Little girl Jacqueline rises to occasion: Makes Derby history”

    1. Frank,
      The Bombay track is 2400 metres (about a mile & a half) around and isn’t shaped like a typical North American track. The Derby start is right in front of the stands (as they have to make a full circuit) so, yes, the first few furlongs require navigating a right hand bend….
      Here’s the view from a few hundred feet up:,0,1865354127592187266&ei=JzZvS8KCE4HcsgOLzaSxDQ&ved=0CAgQnwIwAA&t=h&z=16

  1. Unbelievable. I’ve watched the race twice and still can’t quite believe it. Jacqueline is amazing, just amazing. Becket fought on but clearly no match for Jacqueline. WOW.

  2. jacqueline’s win today signifies a break-bubble for all indians

    who believed and worked to get india fastest of the world

    economic downturn !! there will be many more victories which

    will get our sensex to rally !! go india go !! cut loose ! jai hind

  3. A very impressive run, you just don’t see acceleration like that in the late stages of a race all that often – it would be interesting to know the final fractions relative to the earlier ones. She has indeed stamped herself as one of the very best.

  4. Ok everyone, be jealous… I was there at the Derby and saw Jacqueline amazingly race past Becket! It was terrific and Jacqueline being the crowd’s favorite, they went mad with joy.

    She is trained by Pesi Shroff, who was a jockey himself. And everytime Jacqueline has won the classics, she was ridden by Irishman Richard Huges. She’s made a world record, this beautiful filly.

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