Oasis Star 2nd at Meydan today confirms India’s race form

6 thoughts on “Oasis Star 2nd at Meydan today confirms India’s race form”

  1. Sid,

    I thought the same thing after the results of the race I used SoShiny and OasisStar in the Ex. I really liked both.

    Interesting, The Shiekh invests in AW(which I do like)and Santa Anita is looking to get rid of it.

  2. If the Indian horsemen keep this up some of their Group races will gradually start to be recognized as such by the rest of the world, rather than just as listed races.

  3. Srinath came back saying that this was the filly’s first run on a left handed turn and she came around the bend on the wrong foot. He also said that given the track was synthetic, horses have less of a grip on it than on the grass. This was Oasis Star’s first run on this surface (albeit having had 3 workouts previously) and not being used to the underfoot conditions, was slipping a bit.

    My read is that this was Srinath’s first time riding on this surface as well as the left-handed turn which may have cost the filly the race.

  4. Rambus, good point about the left-handed track, though I also mentioned the first-time surface. I actually thought the same as what Srinath said; didn’t look like she got a good hold of the track, but classy as she was she made her late move. I thought Srinath actually rode a very good race against a top international field of jocks and represented well; he was cool, kept her on the rails, and gave her every chance on the bend — as we said, she just didn’t start to roll until late.

    Many horses — and I’ve seen this in USA — train well over the synthetics, but until they actually race over it it’s hard to know how they will do.

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