Zensational was sensational pinhook: $20,000 to $700,000

7 thoughts on “Zensational was sensational pinhook: $20,000 to $700,000”

  1. So interesting…he’s a really solid looking horse! First time I’ve seen the words “cow-hocked” in many years. I had rabbits as a kid and that was a critical comment you’d hear rabbit judges make at rabbit shows.

    Interesting as always 🙂

  2. While I’m not personally familiar with the horse, I suspect that there was more to the story than his having been off behind at the yearling sale.

    I say that for two reasons. First, that near fore looks rather clubby on the video. Secondly, and more damning, is the manner in which Hill ‘n Dale is advertising him. They have no less than six photos of him in the main section of his page on their site, every one of which is an action shot. Then, when one clicks the “conformation” tab – surprise! – yet another action shot.

    I’d be very surprised indeed if they weren’t attempting to hide something…

  3. Welcome here, Tinky. As far as action shots go, it’s standard practice in the business to use action shots on young horses off the track, because they haven’t let down and put on the weight. You’ll find that most new horses at stud — not just Zensational — are advertised this way. It’s the rare newly turned 4-year-old that gets the conformation shot.

    As far as the video is concerned, it’s very difficult to make too much from it from the distance and angles given, except to comment on general body type.

    It’s quite plausible to speculate that something was going to give, given the manner in which he was quickly retired, but it’s also possible, given the subsequent revelations about Zayat’s finances, that Zayat stable wanted to get the stud money out of him ASAP — and it’s been rumored that $12 million was the number.

  4. I find this wild as far as stud interest in sons of Unbridled’s song go, he is a fine sire but his sons are pretty god awful so far and quickly leave Kentucky after a few years. Its like all the worst of what he is gets magnified by his sons at stud.

  5. The only one that really interests me is First Defence, but i am also obsessed with Indygo Shiner if that tells you anything. lol

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