Jacqueline does it! Wins Indian Oaks today with panache

6 thoughts on “Jacqueline does it! Wins Indian Oaks today with panache”

  1. What a fantastic finish, I’m glad I got a chance to see this. I’m definitely waiting to see what happens in the Indian Derby on Feb 7 now.

    Your blog covers so much of international racing that was unavailable in the past, I certainly try not to miss anything. Thank you for keeping us so informed about what goes on world wide.

  2. Bryan, I was just marvelling the finish and the acceleration of Jacqueline with Frank Mitchell not too long ago. It will be a historic Derby, and I thought we were witnessing one last year when Set Alight was 10/10 entering it. This one’s better!

  3. Incredible…absolutely stunning victory for the great Jacqueline. I’m new to the race scene in India so this is all very intriguing…and she’s SOMETHING!

  4. With Beckett winning the Bangalore Winter Derby quite stylishly, the Indian Derby is lining up to be a very promising race. Onassis and Bruckner (should he choose to race in the Derby rather than the Calcutta St. Leger) should add some flair to the race as well.

    Kieran Fallon may come to ride Onassis or Bruckner in the Indian Derby.

    It is unfortunate that Astral Flash has not won a Classic race this season, anywhere in the country. Versaki’s demise was most saddening as the colt took a wrong step near the bend to the home stretch in Mumbai, broke down and had to be euthanized.

    Oasis Star, Autonomy, Antonius and Yana have left for Dubai on a Singapore Airlines flight. May they all run well and make us proud.

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