Stud and baseball managers need to keep the numbers fair

7 thoughts on “Stud and baseball managers need to keep the numbers fair”

  1. Great read Sid, and so very true. Loved the analogy and assimilation between the two worlds. I often do the same as you know, guess us baseball lovers are the same at times! Good luck with the needed cuts, never easy, it’s when you have to look at the bigger picture. By the way, I love having your blog update notices emailed to me, makes it so much better!

  2. Well thank God someone said it. About the stallions not necessarily baseball, which I love, but don’t know the first thing concerning management. No boy likes to get cut from a team, but in some cases it makes us better men.

    Years ago my then wife and I considered buying shares in a horse named Synastry who’s reputation in Idaho was that he brought mares up a level. Sadly he was purchased, moved to California, and breed to anything and everything thus diminishing not only his reputation but his get as well. It was all very sad. I can only imagine the success he would have had in Kentucky or Florida, or if he’d had better management here.

    1. Yes, T.N., management is paramount to the success of any endeavor, and without it — leadership, really — you saw what happened to Synastry in California, and what’s happend to racing and breeding in general.

  3. Good luck with your cuts, never easy for coach or player–but part of the growing up process for us all. Sometimes being cut (or put on JV rather than varsity) lights a fire in a kid, too, and makes them realize that if they really want something, they have to give 110% and then some.

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