Researcher discovers Man o’ War has two new stakes winners

11 thoughts on “Researcher discovers Man o’ War has two new stakes winners”

  1. Muy interesante. I believe this would take Man o’ War’s tally to 63 stakes winners (plus two over fences) from 386 foals, a hearty 16%.

  2. Si, Alleged. Ms. Rivera wrote this to me about her research: “Yes. I did have the actual charts for Roan Antelope, Fleet Flag and Drafted with the exception of one that was later provided by the Keeneland Horse Racing Library.

    “I have the Daily Racing Form chart books from the mid 1920’s until the mid 1980’s. I compiled the information for all the races from the actual charts for Roan Antelope, for the other two horses I photographed the charts from the books and then made a compilation of the race records. Also all the information was cross referenced with the American Racing Manuals (which I have from the mid 40’s until the late 80’s) and with the American Produce Records. I also utilized the American Stud Book to verify the parentage of all horses. As far as the Puerto Rican records are concerned they were either obtained by myself at the AIDH (Administracion de la Industria y el Deporte Hipico) in Puerto Rico or were provided by Mr. Hector Cotto (former statistician of said office). I am enclosing some of my archives for your review. The photos consist of newspaper articles found by Mr. Cotto at the University of Puerto Rico periodical library.”

    It’s great reserach.

  3. Fascinating piece of research. Since there was no Cat Standards at the time (nor black type in catalogs), I suppose these are just “stakes winners,” without any need for committee approval.

    The whole thing makes me wonder how many other stakes winners are out there without recognition. Doubtless, today there are scads over in Japan, where most SWs are ignored by Cat Standards because of the rigid protectionism the Japanese practice for their own sport (and massive purses).

    1. Frank, The JC keeps stats by “stakes rules” and “black type” rules. Prior to the advent of black type, all sires’ records were recorded by stakes winners; now, they are recorded two ways, by both: stakes rules (all stakes winners) and black type (which would disqualify some stakes winners). The lists that we see published, however, are from the JC clients BH and TTimes, and they usually publish lists by stakes rules (all stakes winners), not black type winners, because by doing so their advertisers — stallion farms — will have the “best” stats in circulation.

  4. Alleged and fmitchell07, thank you for your comments. I agree with you that there are many other Stakes winners “out there” as you point out.

    At the least in Puerto Rico there are a quite a handful, including for sires such as Wrack, Black Toney, Bimelech, Burgoo King, Gallant Fox, Count Fleet, Reigh Count, Sir Gallahad, and others.

  5. Sid-

    Thanks for highlighting this story.

    Some very nice research by Rosana Rivera.

    I’m just wondering how this will affect Man o’ War’s
    Nick Rating ™ with Roi Herode mares.

    Ring up another 2 SWs with the Rasmussen Factor (g)


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