When Alan Porter first came here from another country . . .

6 thoughts on “When Alan Porter first came here from another country . . .”

  1. A clear and to my mind unbiased explanation of a confused situation. Question: Did Jack Werk patent his system and if so might there not be patent violations involved here?

  2. Joan:

    Thanks. The idealogy — rating nicks A, B, C, etc. — cannot be patented. Jack did look into it, he’s told me. TrueNicks borrowed the format and tinkered with a different formula. Most of the time, both systems are fairly close.

  3. “Byron was working Twitter, hyping his company and boasting about the work he and Porter were doing.”

    Another example of Byron’s not so subtle boasting is this post, complete with self-serving link, he made to the Stallions section of the Pedigree Query message board under the title “Alydar’s last hurrah?”.

    “We have been doing quite a few TrueNicks Stallion Affinity Reports and we got a surprising one this morning from Turkey where the owners of a grandson of Alydar have run the report. Could he and Brother Derek be the last chance for Alydar?” http://cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/truenicks/archive/2010/01/14/spanning-the-globe.aspx

  4. Allison,

    I wasn’t aware of that. I do know that Byron is energetic and ambitious but is not well attuned to an online community that is more sophisticated than he believes them to be.

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