After one year of blogging, I think I’ll do it for another year

33 thoughts on “After one year of blogging, I think I’ll do it for another year”

  1. Sid –

    You’ve been one of my first “blogger friends” since I started up. Quite frankly I had no “official” start date so I believe I’m not entitled to an anniversary post such as this one.

    While you have more traffic than mine, I’d like to think that i have more fun though. 😉

    For year number two, hit ’em where they ain’t. 😀

  2. Sid,

    What is a little disappointing is that you have only managed to almost get sued once in the year! Blogging in this field is like racehorse training, if you don’t get a positive test at least once a year you are not trying hard enough….

    More seriously, it has been an interesting ride and I am sure that you will keep it up


  3. sid,

    keep up the fine writing. your tweets are always balanced, insightful and a breath of fresh air, all in 140 characters or less! not an easy task. your blogs, the best!

  4. Jack, thanks. I know you predicted success for me but after 10 years of not writing, I didn’t know what to expect.

    I must say, though, that I much prefer being a blogger — no deadlines, for one!

  5. Jessica and Joan — Thx so much! Joan, Jessica is editor of Raceday360 — a great aggregation site; Jessica, Joan is the longtime editor of Illinois Racing News and a reader and writer of poetry. Both of you are on Twitter, 2. Meet and tweet.

  6. Sid,

    The ground has been broken, the foundation laid, and now we are on to building the edifice.

    Great things lie ahead!


  7. “I come to praise Sid, not to bury him…”

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Time sure passes fast when you’re having fun, and especially when you stir the waters with a little controversy now and then. You are “must-reading,” my friend.

  8. Steve M, Valerie, and Futeki-san (didn’t you comment the last time Valerie did? You guys know each other? ;): Your comments are appreciated. Steve, you know the game, and the big-shots should pay attention to your posts, comments on various blogs, and ideas; Val, speaking about being unique, you run 2 blogs, pack a wallop yourself, and fly the flag for top fillies and descendants of Foolish Pleasure everywhere!; and Futeki-san, still don’t know how you get information out of South America faster than anyone else, and your worldwide stakes results chart is must-reading for me.

    Been a pleasure to have met you all!

    Frank “Gehry” Mitchell: Your emergence as a blogger extraordinaire has been a pleasure to witness, and I’d be more than happy to plan the architecture of the “new” building with you.

  9. Sid,

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your international reporting. Three of my mares foals have raced in Europe so I following
    a lot of there racing. Best of luck to your boys. I can remember playing many games at Marine Park and Parade Grounds.


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